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3/11/03 - CHROME signs with TORYUMON  
"Finding the right ears for the right music" is what Toryumon does, as quoted from their website. in other words, these people help dance and electronic musicians to be licensed, in Japan only. CHROME has recently singed up with Toryumon, and we hope it's a beginning of a beautiful friendship... in any case we highly recommend to check them out, (excellent website), and to check us out in Japan!

3/10/03 - CHROME 2nd Demo
CHROME is recently working on the second demo, which is going to be released on september 03. we will make some tracks available on the website before that. For a free 02 Demo, follow the link:

3/01/03 - Web site Update
With all the stuff going on in our lives lately (moving to NY) I have finally found some time to update the site. Introducing the new HTML part that was promised for a long time. Having the HTML will improve the site's chances to come up on search engines and improve it's visibility on the net.

2/3/03 - Columbia Tragedy  
In memory of the brave women and men aboard the Columbia, all we can hope for is that space projects around the world will continue to search for better ways and energies to get out there!!!
We can not afford to place all our eggs in one basket, and we are almost sure that the universe didn't either.

10/7/02 - Chrome's last show in Israel  
The party and the show were part of our fair-well mission in Israel, before engaging on our latest adventure, here in the big apple. hopefully, by the summer, we will have new gigs in NYC. stay tuned.

9/24/02 - CHROME get married (?)  
Girls and boys, we are no longer the team that says nee, we are now the married team that says eekee.
that's right, CHROME is officially a family business, just like the Sopranos...
I if you wanna join the big family you can click here for some photos. and BTW, thanks to all the friends and fans that were there for us!!!

8/4/02 - Chrome is headed to New York  
Due to some developing contacts with record labels, we are heading to New York. For gig updates stay in tune, More information will be posted here on October.

6/20/02 - NEW- Ethereal Beat Supply  
Chrome's first music project (E.B.S) is available to you on CD. If you wish to receive a demo CD for promotional use only, please contact us. If you wish to listen to a few of our songs go to the songs page on this web-site.

6/14/02 - Chrome in space  
"Star prince campaign" is a Japanese mission promoted by ISAS (Institute of space and astronomical science, Japan) and YAC (Japanese elementary and middle school students). The mission is "simple": the wish to collect a million names on an aluminum foil sheet that will travel in space aboard the spacecraft "Muses-C". The craft will drop the aluminum foil sheet while collection a surface sample form an asteroid tagged19985f36 in the middle of 2005. Our names are already registered in the list, you can get your name on that asteroid too for FREE! Space is only a click away!

6/1/02 - Chrome launches new web site...  
Taking a new concept of science fiction space travel, The web-site is designed to give a feeling of a cross-galactic space journey. Please be patient, the site is still under construction. We hope you enjoy the site and find it informative. If you have any suggestions we would be happy to hear from you. If you see the blue star, click on it we guarantee Easter fun.

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